Honda EU7000IS

If you're on the market for your ideal house backup generator then you've arrived at the perfect location. Allow me to clarify. There's nothing ordinary about the EU7000iS out of Honda ( visit for more information). This generator carries Honda's legendary standing to another level and further improves upon its own dependable predecessor - the EM6500S.

It's a component of this new lineup of Super Quiet Series generators from Honda and doesn't disappoint, while it's required in a job-site program to operate power tools, a crisis house backup in a storm power outage, or even recreational camping and RV power requirements, the 7000W generator out of Honda is adaptable and dependable.



The Honda EU7000iS inverter generator has established a new benchmark in what could be accomplished using portable power. Packed with high performance technical improvements, the outcome is much more power and maximum output at lower rpms while still being simple to use and keep. Do not forget about among the most notable characteristics of this generator - it is actually super silent. The acoustic technology and fully enclosed inner arrangement has caused an evolution in which could be accomplished in sound reduction to get a 7000 watt generator. Sleep peacefully knowing your neighbours won't be bothered by the near silent operation of the generator.

If you're replacing an EM6500S chain generator, then the EU7000 will deliver 8% more power with the capability to power more devices and be utilized for more powerful software. The trustworthy inverter technologies produced by Honda is put on the electronic equipment of the generator.

The newest Honda generators incorporate design and technology features that greatly reduce sound. Using sound dampening materials and very low vibration, Honda constructed engines give rise to the decrease in sound compared to classic inverter generators.

The new 7000 utilizes an eco-throttle which further reduces sound levels. The eco-throttle optimizes engine power to stop whole speed performance when not needed. This keeps the motor operating in reduced, quieter condition.


The Honda made Eco Throttle System further enhances fuel efficiency. The EU7000iS runs between 6 to 18 hours on a single tank, based upon the load making it a fantastic alternative for instantly power.


Surely, EU7000iS is the best choice for RV owners

Expensive option, however I reside in Florida and this may serve double duty.
As a portable generator, it will, concurrently, power EVERYTHING in my 28' Airstreams without" breaking up a sweat".
Obviously, being gas injected and incredibly quiet are, additionally, significant benefits.
Lately, hurricane Irma knocked me from AC power for a few days. The next time, I intend to prepare yourself.
If frugal options, this generator must run the majority of the electric devices in my property.
Although, possibly, NOT like my central ac system.

Definitely superior to the contest and also value the relatively small price difference

Honda EU7000iS Electronic Fuel Injection

 The Yamaha has a carburetor. Together with EFI, the Honda is much more fuel efficient. Maybe even more importantly, carburetors do not do well with the current ethanol-blended fuel, particularly in the event that you don't use it all of the time, as is true with backup power. Ethanol catches and maintain moisture, which hurts carbohydrates, but fuel-injection (such as today's cars for which ethanol-blended gas is meant ) stands up to it better.

Honda EU7000iS Portability

This is somewhat tricky, as both generators are ranked in the exact steady-state power degree. However, evaluations are a mixture of government and capability regulations. OSHA requires GFCI protection for generators larger than 5500 watts. GFCIs need a bonded neutral, however a bonded unbiased generator can not be used to give home power - that they want a floating neutral (that the EU7000is has). Have a look at greater rated portable generators to find out whether they've GFCI outlets, and in that case, should they possess the floating neutral necessary for house wiring link and therefore are OSHA rated.

Regardless of the equal rating of this Yamaha, the Honda will create more power . Even in the event that you would like to trust the evaluations, using 1500 surge volt accessible helps with the surge draw of motors, such as those in refrigerator compressors, air conditioners, or personal wells. Even microwaves have a startup spike.

The Honda is set up with two fine size wheels and handles which fold for storage. The Yamaha includes 4 wheels which unbelievably do not swivel and do not lock! What idiot designed that? To maneuver the Yamaha in anything aside from a straight line signifies jerry-rigging some grips so that you can lift two of those wheels off the floor. Yeah, it is possible to work around this, but to me this demonstrates that Yamaha's designers don't have any clue how generators are employed in the actual world.